Allison Nazarian Interviewed On Canada’s ‘The Current’

Allison Nazarian is interviewed on CBC Canada’s ‘The Current’ with Laura Lynch. From the show: “We talk to two people touched by Auschwitz: Allison Nazarian, whose family lived with the aftermath of her grandparents’ time at the death camp, and Rainer Höss, who is fighting the legacy of his grandfather, camp commander Rudolf Höss.” You can access the interview here …

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Aftermath Author in Toronto

Join Aftermath author and 3G Allison Nazarian, along with a panel including the descendants of a Holocaust rescuer and a Nazi officer, at what is sure to be an incredible event in Toronto.

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Aftermath Featured In Omaha Jewish Press

Allison Nazarian is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and an award-winning copywriter. Her most recent book, Aftermath: A Granddaughter’s Story of Legacy, Healing, & Hope, explores why her family’s history empowered and made resilient people like her grandmother, whose life was a triumph until the day she died, well into her 90’s – while it haunted and ultimately destroyed others, …

Amy Taggart Memoir

Is Your Story Too Honest?

“This book is amazing. I have never read anything so open and honest before.” Really? I’m flattered. But never? That’s troubling. To answer the question, no. No, your story is not too honest. Neither is mine. It’s scary to put it all out there. Even in a time of TMI (Too Much Information) from Facebook to Reality TV to selfies …

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My Upcoming Book Profiled

Read this profile on my upcoming book on “3Gs,” or grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. Reporter Matt Lebovic did a beautiful job of bringing together all of the components of my story, and of the larger story of my generation and three generations in the aftermath of the Holocaust. <– P.S. The picture they used was taken in 1993 at my …

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It Is Time

This post was originally written ca. 2011. This morning I tried to weasel out of my writing committment to myself. But my honey called me on it. Well, he didn’t have to. I called myself on it. The conversation went something like this: Me: Let’s go out to breakfast, wouldn’t that be fun!? Him: Sure. Me: How about we go …

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Bubby’s Books

This post originally appeared here on September 28, 2010. I lost my grandmother in 2007. Bubby, as I and everyone else called her, was the greatest force and brightest light of my life. Bubby was a reader. Just one of the many ways in which I am so much like her. Put her (or me) in a quiet room or …

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