This is not your usual Holocaust book.

This is not even a Holocaust book, but without the Holocaust, it does not exist.

AFTERMATH is for anyone who is drawn to a good story of family and heartbreak and trauma mixed in with genuine love.

It is about breaking old patterns and finding true peace and healing.

It is about loving and forgiving. It is about remembering while always moving forward.

It is about reminding yourself that it is never too late for whatever it is you feel called to do, complete or share.

Thank you for being part of this journey with me,

Buy Aftermath on Amazon

Buy Aftermath on Amazon

Aftermath: A Granddaughter’s Story of Legacy, Healing & Hope

Aftermath is about being born into a history that never goes away. It is about reconciling memories of a tragic past with hopes for a better future. It is about the delicate balance between a proud legacy and a burdensome responsibility.

Allison Nazarian grew up in the Washington, DC, suburbs, living a comfortable American life while at the same time being surrounded by stories of Auschwitz, of lost family members, of destroyed dreams and of survival. The hard-to-believe tales of Holocaust survival shared by her maternal grandparents and by their only child – Allison’s mother – were so ingrained in all aspects of everyday life that it wasn’t until Allison was older that she realized not everyone’s grandparents were Holocaust survivors.

As Allison moved into adulthood, she began to examine more deeply the reasons why the family history empowered and made resilient people like her grandmother, whose life was a triumph until the day she died, well into her 90s – while it haunted and ultimately destroyed others, like her mother who took her own life at the age of 51. Ultimately, Aftermath is a powerful look at healing, forgiveness, breaking old patterns and, ultimately, finding ways to remember the past while being able to live a life of peace and joy in the present.

About Allison Nazarian

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University’s School of Journalism, Allison Nazarian is an award-winning copywriter and the founder of Allison Media Group. A native of the Washington, DC area, Allison lives with her family in South Florida.

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